Project Description

Customer Service Is Our Strength
At EM2 Housing, we strive to make sure that each and every attendee is pleasantly surprised and happy with their experience. We provide you with have a live call center for your tournament housing needs as well as 24 hour online access to reservations which allows attendees to make their arrangements on their time.
Other features include:
* Live access to reservations to be able to get answers quickly for any questions one may have.
* Email access directly to our staff who can help with any questions that may arise when booking tournament housing.
* All voicemails returned within 24 hours.
If an attendee has a particular hotel request that is not on our contracted hotels list, we contact the hotel directly to get that guest the location of their choice.
Hotels are able to check their pick up at any time to gage how their numbers look. It is our goal to sell out all of our blocks to ensure great rates for the attendees.