EM2 Housing offers Housing Services for tournaments and  events all over the country.  Our staff has over 20+ years of combined hotel experience and can take care of every need including negotiating rates, contracting, all reservations, invoicing, creating reports, etc.  We provide an online reservations system that allows hoteliers, CVB’s, and Event/ Tournament Directors to see live hotel pick ups at any time.  Attendees can make reservations online at any time or call our Reservations Call Center M-F, 8 AM -5 PM CT at 1-800-603-0917.


Some benefits of using EM2 Housing include:

  • Reduce workload for the Event/ Tournament Director as all hotel negotiations will be handled.
  • Increased revenue for the Event/ Tournament as we are able to negotiate and collect rebates.
  • Concessions such as complimentary rooms, discounted parking, upgrades, etc.
  • Participants are able to look in one place to find a hotel that suits their needs.
  • Ability to create reports to collect history for an event/ Tournament that help with future negotiations


We are a one stop shop for all your housing needs and generate more revenue for your event through hotel rebates. Services we include are:

  • Work with the CVB to collect bids from the hotels with a goal of having the lowest rates possible.
  • Negotiate all contracts. We use a standard contract that does NOT include attrition or cancellation polices.
  • Negotiate rebates for the event, staff rooms, comp rooms, meeting planner points, and any other concessions you may need such as parking, etc.
  • Live Call Center M-F, 8AM-5PM (Central). Online reservations are open 24 hours a day.
  • Access to pick up reports.
  • Ability to send weekly newsletters encouraging reservations and highlighting hotels.
  • Communicate rooming list, special requests, etc. with the hotels.
  • Once the event is complete, collect all final pick ups from event to provide accurate history for future years.
  • Invoicing for commissions
and rebates within a week of the tournament’s end.