From start to finish, EM2 Housing handles all logistics on every side for the event’s housing. We negotiate all hotel contracts with no attrition and cancellation policies and get the best guaranteed rates available. It is also important for us to conduct site visits of properties so that we can educate your guests on what to expect when staying at a particular hotel and ensure quality at every location selected.

Once all contracts are finalized, we set up a custom reservations link for each event that is choreographed and created to each events personality featuring the event’s logos, colors, and sponsors. Attendees can make reservations online 24 hours a day or call our live call center Monday through Friday from 9AM-6PM CST. Our system is customized to allow individual reservations or create large blocks for teams.

Once reservations open, our system continues to provide hotels and event directors easy access to live pick up for each and every hotel and event. We take all reservations, changes, cancellations, individual needs and hotel needs to create less work for everyone involved from you to individual’s making reservations all the way down to the hotels.

Once the event is over, our work is not complete. We then contact each hotel to collect the final pick-ups and create detailed reports that can be sent to the city CVB to show an accurate history of the event. We also handle all invoicing and follow up of rebate payments to ensure you are paid quickly and accurately.