Places like Austin Bike Tours and Rentals are, well, generally awesome. Most bike tours in most cities not only provide the bikes, but a plethora of city recommendations You can also turn to bike tours and rentals for a corporate outing when you are in town for certain events. You may even ride by a few food trucks while you are out.

Tips for riding on bike tours:

What do you need to rent a bicycle?
You’ll need a valid ID (any state or country issued photo ID will do) and a credit card with a name that matches the ID.

Do you need lights?
If you plan on riding at night you will need lights. Most rentals come with lights if you need them.

Do I need a helmet and lock?
Nope. Usually they can provide you with both of those if you need them. You are however responsible for your own safety and that of our bikes.

What do I need to bring for a tour?
Wear comfortable clothing and closed toed shoes. Try to avoid sandals or flip flops. Bring water. Bring a backpack for personal belongings or rent a saddle bag from the shop.

If you’re not a great bike rider, should you try this?
If you are renting, you should feel comfortable riding on the street with light traffic as well as groomed hike and bike trails. If you are taking a tour, let the rental company know how much you ride and how fast you want to go. Most of our tours are like “walks on a bicycle” rather than a race. But if you want to book a private tour and ride fast, then you’re on!