Before you even begin deciding what to pack, it’s important to find a travel bag that’s as versatile as you need it to be, while also fitting all your stuff and being easy to carry. Consider the length of your trip, as well as if it’s an international vacation, if you’ll be using budget airlines, and your primary activities—all of these considerations impact which bag is best for your trip.

Wherever you’re planning to go, pick luggage that is versatile, lightweight, and big enough to hold all your travel essentials. The most important decision you’ll make is (as far as luggage is concerned) is buying a bag that has an awesome warranty. Traveling with a piece of luggage with a broken wheel, handle, or zipper is the absolute worst! Brands that back their gear with stand-up warranties build that promised durability into their gear.


●      Rolling Luggage: Let’s face it. Wheels are nice. There’s no need to carry all your gear on your back or via a duffle bag if you know you’re going to be traveling in a city where there are paved roads and sidewalks.

●      4-Wheels: As you fill up your wheeled luggage, weight can become a bit restrictive—especially if you have to walk long distances. Consider 4-wheels to keep the weight off your wrist and effortlessly roll your bag by your side.

●      Duffel Bag: These are simple, lightweight, and Eagle Creek’s duffel bags are crazy durable. Sling it over your shoulder, or put some wheels on it and get on your way.

●      Wheeled Backpack: If you’ll be going through different types of terrain, or switching from airports to cobblestones, having a bag with the option to roll it or carry it like a backpack or duffel is really handy.

●      Travel Backpack: If you know you don’t want the extra weight of wheels, traveling with a travel pack is going to mean hands-free mobility and ultimate versatility.

●      Carry-On: Whenever possible, travel with carry on luggage. It means you can save time at the airport, save on check-in fees, guarantee the airlines won’t lose your bag… the list goes on and on.

Travel Tip : Picking the right travel luggage is an important step not only on this trip, but all of your future trips as well. Use the Eagle Creek’s Buying Guide for luggage, travel packs, carry-ons and duffel bags to easily assess exactly the right bag for your travel style and situation.



If you plan to do lots of different types of activities on your vacation, you’ll have a fair amount of gear you need to pack into your suitcase. Keeping everything organized can be a challenge. One of the best things you can do when you’re packing for any trip—especially one that requires packing lots of layers—is to use packing organizers.

The Eagle Creek Pack-It system is all about keeping your suitcase organized with packing organizers so that you know exactly where everything is, and so your clothing can be arranged and compressed, easily allowing you to fit more in your bag. Why spend your time packing and unpacking when you can quickly unpack by sliding your organizers directly into hotel drawers, and pack up quickly, getting seamlessly from one place to the next without having to rearrange your entire bag every time?

Wondering how to use packing cubes ? Basically, keep your clothing organized in compartments based on outfit type or activity type. Zippered packing cubes come in all shapes and sizes, making it easy to keep your bag neat and provide quick access to all the different things you’ll need during your trip. You can use compression sacs or cubes to reduce the volume of your clothes by up to 80%—his is especially convenient for bulky items such as sweaters and jackets. And folders are great for keeping dress clothing nice, neat, and folded.


Start with this clothing packing list:


●      Lightweight clothing that can be layered

●      Long-sleeved shirts

●      Sweaters or fleece jacket

●      T-shirts and tank tops (be respectful of the culture you are visiting)

●      Pants and/or shorts

●      Belt (check out this one for a ingenuitive money protection option)

●      Socks (wool socks are best for hiking and camping)

●      Comfortable walking shoes

●      Rain jacket, windbreaker or umbrella

●      Pajamas/sleepwear

●      Underwear

●      Sunglasses and glasses case

●      Dresses and/or skirts

●      Jewelry (organize in a mini cube or packing sac)

●      Hat or sun visor

●      Scarf or bandana

●      Swimsuit or swim trunks (consider a clean/dirty organizer)

●      Cell phone and charger

●      Travel speakers

●      Travel pillow, eye mask, and ear plugs

●      Electric converters and adapters

●      Travel apps that will help with language, directions, money conversion, and digital journaling


You’ll want to pack smart (not lots of) clothing options if your trip will take you to a variety of places, or conversely if you will be navigating off the beaten path. Having options doesn’t mean you’ll need to over-pack. (And in fact, you shouldn’t.) Just pack smart. Include clothing that can be worn on your daily adventures and then dressed up slightly with a different pair of shoes and a scarf. Maybe a dress that becomes a skirt, or comfortable travel pants that can be dressed up for a day at the market. Also consider clothing with SPF or mosquito repellency if you’ll be in environments where that would be beneficial.

Travel Tip : Creating a well-organized bag before you leave can transform your travel days.  Learn more about  choosing the right packing organizers to pack the variety of everyday basics you’ll need on your international or weekend vacation.


If you’re carrying on, keep your toiletry bag light and TSA-compliant. The TSA’s 3-1-1 rule makes it easy to remember: liquids, gels, aerosols, creams, and pastes must be 3.4 ounces (100ml) or less per container, and they must be stored in one quart-sized, clear plastic, zip-top bag. To make this as easy as possible for you, we have a toiletry set that includes four 3-ounce silicone bottles in a quart-sized clear pouch that’s wipeable and has a water resistant zipper. Still need more help?  Read the TSA rules regarding what you can pack in a carry-on bag.


Here’s a complete list of travel essentials for your toiletry case:


●      Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash

●      Hair brush or comb, hair ties, barrettes/bobby pins

●      Deodorant

●      Shampoo and conditioner (Dr. Bronners is a good option all-in-one option for hair care, face wash, laundry and more.)

●      Sunscreen and face lotion with SPF

●      Make up packed in a wipeable wristlet

●      Face wash and/or makeup remover wipes and Q-tips

●      Night time moisturizer/lotion

●      Lip balm with SPF and lipstick or lip gloss

●      Personal hygiene items

●      Feminine hygiene products

●      Extra contacts, solution, and contact case

●      Glasses and prescription sunglasses

●      Prescription medication with the label/script so that you can refill if needed and not be questioned by TSA.



●      Cologne/perfume

●      Personal mini mirror

●      Hair products like hairspray, hair gel, and beard oil

●      Clothesline and detergent

●      Shaving kit and extra razors

●      Sewing kit/clothing care kit, stain remover

●      Facial tissues and/or toilet paper

●      Travel Towel

●      Nail clippers and tweezers (optionally, scissors, which must be in checked luggage)